Friday, 2 November 2012

Significant Landscapes in Oxford

Beginning on the 5th November and lasting until the 10th, Oxford Brookes University, St Columba's Church and the Holywell Music Room will play host to a diverse series of events curated by Patrick Farmer, Dominic Lash and Paul Whitty.

The full programme for these events can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking HERE.
significant landscapes has been supported by the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University

5th/6th November. 9am - 9am.
Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes, OX3 0BP.

A 24 hour long playback of Stefan Thut's sound installation, innen raum 1-20.
innen raum 1-20 was recorded on September 21st/22nd 2009. Starting at 9am in Solothurn (CH) at the now abandoned Capuchin Monastery.

The 24 hour recording will be played sequentially throughout the day via 20 portable cd players.

innen raum will be played back again on Thursday 8th November, utilising a different approach to the recordings.

7th November. 2pm - 6pm.
Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes, OX3 0BP.

Writing Sound. Writing Sound is a project of the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) that takes the form of an annual symposium. Writing Sound explores connections between listening and writing, sound and text, audition and record. Patrick Farmer – curator of this year’s symposium – has invited practitioners from the fields of visual art, cultural geography, experimental composition, and sound art, to join him in sharing their thinking and writing, their approaches to recording the experience of reception, and negotiating the complex and subtle relationship of location, action, sound and word.

Taking part in the symposium will be:
Salomé Voegelin - Airplanes landing.
David R J Stent - You Hear Intimate Proximity.
Michael Pisaro - A lot of silence.
Amy Cutler - 'Sung through the forest mirror': The forest echo and non-singular language.
Daniela Cascella - Listening, Reading, Writing.
Patrick Farmer - What shall we love if not the enigma?

9th November. Doors at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.
St Columba's Church, Alfred Street, Oxford, OX1 4EH.

Large group realisations of both Michael Pisaro's July Mountain and Stefan Thut's Givens 1-16.

Performing or contributing to these pieces will be:
Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, Stephen Cornford, Jane Dickson, Lawrence Dunn, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Jack Harris, Kostis Kilymis, Dominic Lash, Will Montgomery, Michael Pisaro, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent, Greg Stuart, Stefan Thut, Paul Whitty.

10th November. 2pm - 10pm.
The Holywell Music Room, Oxford, OX1 3BN.

An all day event featuring the Set Ensemble, plus guests Michael Pisaro and Stefan Thut,and Material, led by James Saunders.

Contributing scores and/or performing in this all day event will be:
Francesca Best, Antoine Beuger, Jason Brogan, Stefan Everton, Patrick Farmer, Jürg Frey, Harry Grech, Bruno Guastalla, Tom Hudson, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Oogoo Maia, Michael Pisaro, Tim Parkinson, James Saunders, Daniel Seath, George Simpson, Stefan Thut, Manfred Werder, Paul Whitty

Audience members are free to come and go as they please. 

An infinite amount of thanks to Richard Pinnell for designing both the poster and the programme.