John Cage - Cartridge Music

A live performance of John Cage's Cartridge Music, recorded at the Audiograft Festival and performed by Stephen Cornford, Robert Curgenven, Ferran Fages, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Lee Patterson.

Another Timbre

Sarah Hughes - Accidents of matter or of space

Containing three realisations of can never exceed unity, performed by Dimitra Lazaridous Chatzigoga, Neil Davidson, Rhodri Davies, Jane Dickson and Patrick Farmer & an improvisation by Sarah Hughes.


Cdr edition: 100

Various artists - Wandelweiser und so weiter

Containing pieces and performances by Antoine Beuger, Dominic Lash, Michael Pisaro, James Saunders, Stefan Thut...

Another Timbre

6CD Boxset

Various artists - v-p v-f is v-n double [field] compilation series

Contains recordings by Ben Owen, Jason Kahn, Sally Ann Mcintyre, Eric La Casa...

Winds Measure Recordings

Double CDr edition: 230

1 color letterpress sleeve, tip on photograph.

designed and printed by ben owen

Patrick Farmer | Mark So

let's grasp it, naked as it is… | sitting and listening

Winds Measure Recordings

Cassette edition: 100

A mixture of ambient and underwater field recordings. 2 color letterpress sleeve, insert and score card.

designed and printed by ben owen

Patrick Farmer | Stephen Cornford | Jason Kahn


Pilgrim Talk

Cassette edition: 50. SOLD OUT

A live recording of various electronics and analog synth.

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Patrick Farmer

Like falling out of trees into collectors' albums

Consumer Waste

CDr edition: 100. SOLD OUT

A collection of unedited field recordings taken from my archive.

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Patrick Farmer

Green rings around the eyes, this grass in vibrant motion.


CD edition: 500

A solo improvisation for wire brush, contact mic, and turntable.

Patrick Farmer | Stephen Cornford | Sarah Hughes | Kostis Kilymis

No Islands

Another Timbre CD

Two improvisations for various electronics and chorded zither and a realisation of John Cage's score, four6.

Patrick Farmer | Sarah Hughes | Dominic Lash


Another Timbre CD

An improvisation for double bass, chorded zither and percussion, two realisations of Taylan Susam's for maaike schoorel and a realisation of Eva Maria Houben's Nachtstück by Dominic Lash.


Fields have ears

Another Timbre CD

Realisations of Fade and Fields have ears 1 by Phillip Thomas and a realisation of Fields have ears 4 by Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Phillip Thomas and the Edges Ensemble.

Loris - Patrick Farmer | Sarah Hughes | Daniel Jones

The cat from Cat Hill

Another Timbre CD

Improvisations for various electronics, chorded zither and piano.

Patrick Farmer | Dominic Lash


Cathnor CD

Three improvisations for double bass and percussion/objects.

Patrick Farmer

Apis Mellifera - moved to and fro

Organised Music from Thessaloniki

CDr edition: 140. SOLD OUT

Three recordings of honeybees made with ambient microphones, contact microphones stuck to the metal underside of a hive used to catch parasitic grubs and an assemblage of ambient honeybee recordings played back into bottles, cymbals, rocks, and other objects. Purchase digital copy

Patrick Farmer | Ryan Jewell | Matt Milton | David Thomas

Bear Ground

Creative Sources

Four improvisations for prepared percussion, violin and viola.

Patrick Farmer | Sarah Hughes | David Dunn

is | Western Harvester ants

Compost and Height split series CDr edition: 50. SOLD OUT

Field recordings of the surface tension of a frozen pond and ant stridulation.

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Kettle Blacksmith - Patrick Farmer | Benjamin Houlihan

Well, we get these rashes...

Records on Ribsfree download.

Clattered improvisations for drums, voice and dictaphones.



The Happy generations.

Makrame Records CDr. SOLD OUT

Solo prepared snare drum improvisation alongside other pieces by Gino Robair and Ryan Jewell.

Please contact me if you would like to hear this.


For and Dancehall.

Psykick Dancehall

Solo drum kit improvisation as part of four 3"CDr's featuring The Hunter Graccus, Serfs and Jazzfinger.

Patrick Farmer

The Wandering Rhizome


CDr edition: 40. SOLD OUT

Improvisation for bass drum, large bamboo stem, four acoustic guitar pickups, rode NT4, milk frother.

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