**01.02.13 - Los Angeles. Machine Project.
Playback and brief talk as part of the Machine Project field recording workshop. 

**16.11.12 - Brighton. Phoenix.
Daniel Jones, David Lacey, and I will be performing at an event in the Aural Detritus concert series. We will be realising a piece by Sam Sfirri entitled 'to restore silence is the role of objects'. 

**09/10.11.12 - Oxford. St Columba's Church & The Holywell music hall.
Two events taking place in Oxford. On Friday 9th there will be an evening performance at St Columba's Church. On Saturday 10th there will be an all day event at the Holywell music hall. More information soon

**07.11.12 - Oxford. Brookes University.
I will be speaking at the second Writing Sound Symposium at Oxford Brookes University, which I have curated. Michael Pisaro, Amy Cutler, Daniella Cascella, David Stent, and Salomé Voegelin will also speak. More information soon

**28.10.12 - Manchester.
I will be presenting a performative talk at the infromtheout series curated by Ben Gwillam and Helmut Lemke concerning my recent perambulations around the Welsh coast and the ways in which i attempted to document the environment that unfolded. More information soon.  

**13.10.12 - London. Cafe Oto.
Murmeration. Organised by the Another Timbre label to celebrate the release of the 'Wandelweiser und so weiter' boxset. I will be taking part in realisations of John Cage's four6, Michael Pisaro's Fields have ears 4, and James Saunders' things whole and not whole. The latter two realisations comprising of up to 40 musicians each. There will also be realisations of pieces by Sam Sfirri and Manfred Werder. . 

17.08.12 - London.
Peforming as part of an ensemble at the Royal Albert Hall Proms. We will be performing John Cage's 'but what about the noise of crumpling paper...' and Branches. 

19.07.12 - 22.07.12 - London.
Residency with Stephen Cornford and Lee Patterson at the former Peek Frean's biscuit factory, now run by V22, in Bermondsey. This residency will end in a four hour long performance with various guests. 

15.07.12 – London.
The Albion players realise sections from George Brecht’s Water Yam event scores as part of the Lost and Found festival at Kings Place.

07.05.12 - 07.07.12 - Wales.
Walking the entire coastal path of Wales, a work entitled: we never stop hearing, when do i stop writing?

30.04.12 - London.
W/ John Tilbury, Eddie Prevost, Ilan Volkov, Kaffe Matthews, John Butcher, and others, realising Christian Wolff's, Stones. Kings Place. 

23.04.12 - 28.04.12 - Glasgow.
Recording and participating in the high-slack-low-slack-high festival. 

18.04.12 - Nottingham.
Solo show at the Chameleon Cafe alongside Antoine Chesex. 

01.03.12 - Oxford.
W/ Stephen Cornford and Sarah Hughes (The Albion Players) realising a score by Ben Owen at the Holywell Music Rooms, as part of the Audiograft Festival.

29.02.12 - Oxford.
W/ Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Stephen Cornford, Rob Curgenven, Ferran Fages, Daniel Jones  & Lee Patterson. Performing John Cage's Cartridge Music. Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes, as part of the Audiograft Festival.

28.02.12 - Oxford.
Compost and Height curated exhibition with Ben Owen, Manfred Werder and myself.  I will be exhibiting my prose poem, ad react always of being surrounded, 5 scrolls of paper, each originally measuring 420mm by 2500mm. The Old Fire Station as part of the Audiograft Festival.

05.02.12 – Oxford.
W/ Jason Kahn, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford. Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga and Lawrence Dunn will also play. Art Jericho.

30.01.12 - London.
Guest lecturer at Middlesex University, focussing on relationships of the ear in the poetry of William Carlos Williams.


17.02.11. Oxford.
W/ The Set ensemble with Tim Parkinson, Angharad Davies, and Rhodri Davies. The Holywell Music Room as part of the audiograft festival.

26.02.11. London.
W/ Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Phil Durrant, Diatribes. Shoreditch Church.

27.02.11. London.
W/ many many others. At Cafe Oto as part of Dominic Lash's leaving party.

08.03.11. Oxford.
6 hour actulisation of Manfred Werder's ein(e) ausführende(r)

11.03.11 - 26.03.11. Brussels.
Residence at Q-o2 with Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis.

26.03.11. Brussels.
Post residency concert with Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis, performing a piece by Michael Pisaro written for the event.

06.04.11. Oxford.
Solo. Supporting Arrington de Dionyso. At Art Jericho

12.04.11. Oslo.
W/ Christian Munthe & Anders Dahl. At Café Mir

13.04.11. Malmo.
W/ Christian Munthe. At Pa Besok.

15.04.11. Gothenburg.
W/ Christian Munthe & Anders Dahl. Geiger Festival.

23.04.11. London.
W/ Chora. At The Dying Artist Festival. ICA.

13.05.11. Dublin.
W/ Loris. I & E Festival.

14.05.11. Dublin.
W/ David Lacey. I & E Festival.

27.05.11. Oxford.
W/ Stephen Cornford & Sarah Hughes, supporting Koboko Senju. Art Jericho.

29.05.11. Oxford.
W/ Bruno Guastalla, David Stent, and Sarah Hughes, performing John Cage's four6. Oxford Brookes Drama Studio.

03.06.11. Brighton.
W/ Claire Elizabeth Barret as part of the Black Mountain College conference.

10.06.11. Manchester.
Solo turntable set supporting John Tilbury in a rendition of Samuel Beckett's Worstward Ho! St Margaret's church.

13.07.11. Tallinn.
Talk concerning the poetics of field recording. A Labyrinths and Rings night.

14.07.11 - 30.07.11. Mooste.
Residency at Moks, Estonia.

01.08.11. London.
Recording at Kew Gardens with Angharad Davies and others.

14.08.11. London.
W/ David Lacey & Daniel Jones at Galerie8, Hackney.

20.08.11. London.
Performing Stephan Thut's eine/r, 1-6 - Phase @ Unit 3:03

31.08.11. Brighton.
W/ Daniel Jones & Stephen Cornford supporting Hong Chulki and Joonyong Choi. Upper Lounge at the Caroline of Brunswick.

10.09.11. Kent.
W/ Angharad Davies & Matt Davis. Performing Fold by Lee Patterson.

30.09.11. Oxford.
Four hour Performance, with Trevor Simmons, of Antoine Beuger's calme etendue (percussion). Christchurch Meadows.

01.10.11. Oxford.
This has already had a history (0) performed by Rhodri Davies and Tim Parkinson. St Columba's Church.

02.10.11. Oxford.
Solo at Art Jericho.

07.10.11. Nante.
Solo at Cable.

13.10.11. London.
Polyply. Solo alongside Salome Voeglin, Peter Larkin.

12.10.11 - 15.10.11. Brussels.
Field recording talks, performances, and discussions at Q-O2 symposium. Michael Pisaro, Manfred Werder, Sarah Hughes, Jason Kahn, and many others, will be taking part.

19.10.11 - 26.10.11. Glasgow.
Time spent realising, discussing, performing, the scores of Christian Wolff, Ken Friedman, George Brecht. With Neil Davidson.

29.10.11. London.
Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. St Leonards Church.

30.10.11. Oxford.
 Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. Port Mahon.

31.10.11. Bristol.
 Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. Cube Cinema.

01.11.11. Birmingham. 
Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. Lamp Tavern.

02.11.11. Sheffield.
Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. Redhouse.

03.11.11. Manchester.
Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. St Margarets Church.

04.11.11. Brighton.
Diatribes + Lash/Farmer/Marshall/Durrant. Green Door Store.  

18.11.11. Oxford.
Word event symposium. A talk concerning environment and gesture in the poems of William Carlos WIlliams.

20.11.11 - 04.12.11. Brussels.
Residency with Dominic Lash & Helena Gough. 03.12.11. Brussels. Performance of Burkhard Schlothauer's Apples and Oranges with Dominic Lash, and a trio performance for multiple speakers with Dominic Lash and Helena Gough, at Qo2.

12.12.11. Oxford.
Talk at Oxford Brookes concerning ways of documenting sound without microphones, Sarah Hughes will also talk.

07.12.11 - 20.12.11.
London. Residency at Soundfjord | Collocate.

2010. 2.01.10. London.
W/ Loris. Supporting John Tilbury and Sebastian Lexer. Another Timbre Mini Festival.

18.02.10. London.
A talk concerning field recording methodologies at Middlesex University.

18.03.10. Brighton.
Extended grouping W/ Hankil Ryu, Daniel Jones, Jez riley French, etc.

17.04.10. Newtown.
Fantasy is a place where it rains. Installation at the Oriel Davies Gallery. With Sarah Hughes.

01.05.10. Hamburg.
W/ Loris. The Blurred Edges Festival.

02.10.10. London.
W/ Yasuhiko Fukuzono supporting Jo Mango. Union Chapel

02.10.10. London.
W/ The Hunter Gracchus and Chora. Supporting Grinderman at the Coronet Theatre.

08.10.10. Edinburgh.
W/ Neil Davidson

09.10.10. Glasgow.
W/ Neil Davidson

27.10.10. Manchester.
W/ WithBoat (Dominic Lash | David Thomas). Sacred Trinity Church.

30.10.10. London.
W/ Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Phil Durrant, Diatribes.

Shoreditch Church. 13.11.10. Oxford.
W/ The Set Ensemble. Jacqueline Du Pre building.

26.11.10. Newtown.
W/ WithBoat. Oriel Davies.

- - - - . Oxford.
W/ Dominic Lash Performing a piece by James Saunders.


16.01.09. Nottingham.
W/ Dominic Lash & Matt Milton at the Radiator Festival, Broadway Cinema.

31.01.09. London.
W/ Chora supporting Ashtray Navigations at Cafe Oto. (

07.02.09. London.
W/ Shale - Helena Gough. Daniel Jones. Matt Milton. Lee Patterson, Matt Davis, Ben Drew. Tim Parkinson & John Lely. Jez riley French. C&H night at Cafe Oto

12.02.09. London.
W/ Stephen Cornford and Rob Gawthrop "three piece" - A kinetic sound sculpture for two electric guitars and one electric bass. Elevator Gallery.

15.02.09. Bristol.
W/ Jez riley French & Simon Whetam. The Cube Cinema.

20.02.09. London.
W/ Chora, Zun Zun Egui, Helhesten, Chris Corsano Mick Flower duo. Bardens Boudoir.

27.02.09. Derby/Birmingham.
W/ The Good Anna and Pat Thomas. A Series of Shows and Workshops. Derby Jazz Rhythm a Ning.

28.03.09. London.
Opening of the new Sound323 store at Cafe Oto. W/ Matt Milton, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Samantha Rebello: playing a text piece by Jason Brogan. Also playing are: For Barry Ray, Clive Bell and Mark Wastell, John Wall, Benedict Drew, Max Eastley, and Steve Beresford trio, Seymour Wright, Dominic Lash, Paul Abbot, and David Papapostolou quartet.

London. W/ Chora supporting Sonic Youth at the Scala.

21.05.09. Bristol.
W/The Exploits of Elaine at the Croft.

13.06.09. Leeds.
W/ Jez riley French, also playing will be the trio of Martin Küchen, Seymour Wright, and Keith Rowe. The Unnamed music festival at the Severn Arts Space.

26.06.09. London.
W/ Robert Curgenven, The Seen will also play. Joint Confront records | Compost and height show at Cafe Oto.

18.08.09. Nottingham.
W/ The Good Anna. Trembling Bells and Ellen Mary McGee will also play. The Chameleon.

16.09.09. London.
W/ The Good Anna. Twi the Humble Feather and AU are also playing. Cafe Oto.

28.09.09. Nottingham.
W/ A Cup of Tea. Twi the Humble Feather and David Thomas Broughton are also playing. The Maze.

07.11.09. Hull.
W/ Sarah Hughes, Jez riley French, Shayla Reynolds. Durational exploration of the spaces & sounds in Holy Trinity Church. Scores by Christian Wolff & Jez riley French. Seeds & bridges event with free entry between 12pm to 4pm. Holy Trinity Church.

28.11.09. Bristol.
W/ Loris and extended grouping including Matt Davies and Lea Piontek. Performing scores by Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder, with videos by Joseph Clayton Mills. A Compost and Height night. Cube Cinema.