Thursday, 1 November 2012

A tree with a blossom of flame

I've just updated the site in droves. Uploading four new pieces to the scores page - pleats, which was written for the forthcoming set ensemble recording session, and is a series of lines inspired by paul klee, arrangment, once again for the set ensemble, with stephen cornford and samuel rodgers, written during my short sojourn in Los Angeles, taking full advantage of the grand piano in the next room, a tree is as complicated as is a word, written for a group of wonderful performers, for a forthcoming concert at the phoenix gallery in Brighton, this is a loose series of encounters attempting to tie up a few of the more verdant bowers of thought that have been occupying me as of late, and then, this has already had a history (4), which was written for Sarah Hughes, Michael Pisaro, and David Stent, recently performed at the Wulf in Los Angeles. This piece, which i think will be one of the last in the series, as my interests begin to move elsewhere, aimed, for me at least, at an attempt at a deafening inertia... Many thanks to all who have been involved and formed impetus with these works. 

I've also added information about two publications on the page of the same title. A few months ago Stefan Thut kindly asked me to write the liner notes to his new release, on Flexion records, and then a short text of mine, ones crackling skin to the screaming jowl, published as part of anthology alongside writers such as David Toop and Salome Voegelin. This was released by Noch, a publishing unit run by Daniela Cascella and Paolo Inverni, and very grateful I am too.