Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Like falling out of trees into collectors' albums now available for download.

My disc of field recordings, released on the Consumer Waste imprint earlier this year, is now sold out. Thank you so much to all those who purchased this record. Being as my disc is the second release on the labels catalogue to sell out, Samuel and Stephen have now made both releases available for download.

On top of the three original tracks there is a new recording available when you purchase my disc - if you purchased the physical copy of the disc, get in touch with them and they will send you the new track for free. I have also contributed some new writings to the consumer waste site, relating to my views on that which surrounds falling out of trees. You can also view it in my 'Text' section.

Please visit the Consumer Waste site for more information on these digital re-releases.

As always, many thanks to those who continue to visit this site.