Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Karhu (in progress) - Free Download

A selection of spines taken from a female pine cone, megastrobilus

The smell of sap. document of process. All lined up in rows, an entomological viewing.

Visually assertive, arresting, as if you can see myriad faces, the landscape where they once resided, encapsulated in micro physical form.

"Then old Väinämöinen sang, sang his songs and cast his spells: Sang a fir tree flower-crowned, flower-crowned and golden-leaved; Stretched it high into the air, through the very clouds he sang it, till its leafy branches reaching spread its foliage high as heaven. Singing songs and casting spells: Sang a moon to shine up there on the fir tree's golden crown; Sang the great bear on the branches." -Runo 10

Karhu (06:40) Loseless | MP3 <-- Right click and Save as to Download