Saturday, 25 April 2009

An integrated manner.

Whilst reading a passage in a short autobiographical story by Herman Hesse, A Child's Heart:

"Our father's house stood tall and bright on a sunlit street. You entered it through a high gate and at once found yourself embraced by coolness, dusk, and a stony moist air."

I looked up from the book, as I often do when trying to imagine a setting, and a dream I had had some time ago came to the foreground. Almost immediately I was struck by the similarity to another dream I had posted about here. This older dream, from what I have been able to remember, took place in Mid Wales, the predominant colour was a green that makes itself know to us when mist rolls of the hills and the pines. I walked through a stone passageway and upon stepping out it was as if another dream had begun to overlap, so stark was the contrast between the tones, green and overlooked. Many hovercraft lay dormant in a vast harbour lit by lanterns that were streched so far as to be dipped slightly in the still water.

I remember feeling intrigued, homesick...

(Pictures: Ynyslas and Aberystwyth)