Sunday, 25 January 2009


Solo drum tape - self released. sold out (2007)
Solo drum tape - self released. sold out (2008)
Swedish tour cd-r - self released. sold out (2007)
Like a Tired Dog - self released. sold out (2007)
Fence - self released. sold out (2007)
Split cassette with Peter Strickmann - Rayon (2008)
Panshangar Aerodrome - self released (2008)
The Wandering Rhizome - Why not ltd (2009)
Apis Mellifera moved to and fro. Organised music from Thessaloniki. (2009)
Solo drums compilation. Makrame records. (2009)
4 disc compilation. Psykick Dancehall (2009)
Green Rings around the eyes, this grass in vibrant motion. nadeenkumono. (2011)

The Cat from Cat Hill (another timbre) (2009)

Kettle Blacksmith
Well, we get these rashes (Records on Ribs net release) (2010)

Dominic Lash
Bestiaries (Cathnor) (2009)

Dominic Lash, Sarah Hughes, Phillip Thomas, & The Edges Ensemble
Michael Pisaro - fields have ears 4 (another timbre) (2010)

Matt Milton, David Thomas, Ryan Jewell, Patrick Farmer
Bear Ground (creative sources)(2009)

Sarah Hughes and David Dunn
is - (compost and height) (2009)

The Good Anna
Live at the old angel - goodnameforaracehorserecords (2006)
Live at Club Sporadic - goodnameforaracehorserecords (2006)
Full of Beans - Sharks and Pfennigs (2006)
Untitled album available for download at My Formica Table (2007)
Wolf Tickets L.P. - Harbinger Sound (2008)

James smith
Struggles - self released (2006)

Self titled - Rayon records (2007)
Split Tape with CooperJones - Night People (2007)
Live at the Gramophone - self released (2007)

Call it a Clunes
Self released e.p. (2005)

P P Dog
Sherbrooke Business - self released (2008)

Strap the Button
What kind of rat bastard - goodnameforaracehorserecords (2006)

The Exploits of Elaine
Tour 07 cd-r - self released (2007)

The Family Elan

Bow Low Bright Glow (alt vinyl) (2009)

Forthcoming releases
no islands - Kostis Kilymis, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer - two improvisations and a realisation of John Cage's number score four6. Another Timbre.
Droplets - Dominic Lash, Sarah Hughes, Patrick Farmer - one improvisation and realisations of scores by Eva-Maria Houben & Taylan Sussam. Another Timbre.
The Albion players - Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes. Another Timbre.
Extracts form a field recording Archive. Consumer Waste.
Yet to be titled solo turntable improvisation. Senufo.