Friday, 30 January 2009


I will eventually attempt to list all the shows I have played here. But who knows. x

17.02.11. Oxford. W/ The Set ensemble with Tim Parkinson, Angharad Davies, and Rhodri Davies. The Holywell Music Room as part of the audiograft festival.
26.02.11. London. W/ Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Phil Durrant, Diatribes. Shoreditch Church.
27.02.11. London. W/ many many others. At Cafe Oto as part of Dominic Lash's leaving party.
08.03.11. Oxford. 6 hour actulisation of Manfred Werder's ein(e) ausführende(r)
11.03.11 - 26.03.11. Brussels. Residence at Q-o2 with Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis.
26.03.11. Brussels. Post residency concert with Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis, performing a piece by Michael Pisaro written for the event.
06.04.11. Oxford. Solo. Supporting Arrington de Dionyso. At Art Jericho
12.04.11. Oslo. W/ Christian Munthe & Anders Dahl. At Café Mir
13.04.11. Malmo. W/ Christian Munthe. At Pa Besok.
15.04.11. Gothenburg. W/ Christian Munthe & Anders Dahl. Geiger Festival.
23.04.11. London. W/ Chora. At The Dying Artist Festival. ICA.
13.05.11. Dublin. W/ Loris. I & E Festival.
14.05.11. Dublin. W/ David Lacey. I & E Festival.
27.05.11. Oxford. W/ Stephen Cornford & Sarah Hughes, supporting Koboko Senju. Art Jericho.
29.05.11. Oxford. W/ Bruno Guastalla, David Stent, and Sarah Hughes, performing John Cage's four6. Oxford Brookes Drama Studio.
03.06.11. Brighton. W/ Claire Elizabeth Barret as part of the Black Mountain College conference.
10.06.11. Manchester. Solo turntable set supporting John Tilbury in a rendition of Samuel Beckett's Worstward Ho! St Margaret's church.
13.07.11. Tallinn. Talk concerning the poetics of field recording. A Labyrinths and Rings night.
14.07.11 - 30.07.11. Mooste. Residency at Moks, Estonia.
01.08.11. London. Recording at Kew Gardens with Angharad Davies and others.
14.08.11. London. W/ David Lacey & Daniel Jones at Galerie8, Hackney.
20.08.11. London. Performing Stephan Thut's eine/r, 1-6 - Phase @ Unit 3:03
31.08.11. Brighton. W/ Daniel Jones & Stephen Cornford supporting Hong Chulki and Joonyong Choi. Upper Lounge at the Caroline of Brunswick. 
10.09.11. Kent. W/ Angharad Davies & Matt Davis. Performing Fold by Lee Patterson.
02.10.11. Oxford. Solo at Art Jericho.
07.10.11. Nante. Solo at Cable. 
12.10.11 - 15.1011. Brussels. Field recording talks, performances, and discussions at Q-O2 symposium. Michael Pisaro, Manfred Werder, Sarah Hughes, Jason Kahn, and many others, will be taking part.
29.10.11 - 04.11.11. UK. Tour with Dominic Lash, Hannah MArshall, Phil Durrant, & Diatribes.
20.11.11 - 04.12.11. Brussels. Residency with Dominic Lash & Helena Gough.

22.01.10. London. W/ Loris. Supporting John Tilbury and Sebastian Lexer. Another Timbre Mini Festival.
18.02.10. London. A talk concerning field recording methodologies at Middlesex University.
18.03.10. Brighton. Extended grouping W/ Hankil Ryu, Daniel Jones, Jez riley French, etc.
17.04.10. Newtown. Fantasy is a place where it rains. Installation at the Oriel Davies Gallery. With Sarah Hughes.
01.05.10. Hamburg. W/ Loris. The Blurred Edges Festival.
02.10.10. London. W/ Yasuhiko Fukuzono supporting Jo Mango. Union Chapel
02.10.10. London. W/ The Hunter Gracchus and Chora. Supporting Grinderman at the Coronet Theatre.
08.10.10. Edinburgh. W/ Neil Davidson
09.10.10. Glasgow. W/ Neil Davidson
27.10.10. Manchester. W/ WithBoat (Dominic Lash | David Thomas). Sacred Trinity Church.
30.10.10. London. W/ Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Phil Durrant, Diatribes. Shoreditch Church.
13.11.10. Oxford. W/ The Set Ensemble. Jacqueline Du Pre building.
26.11.10. Newtown. W/ WithBoat. Oriel Davies.
- - - - . Oxford. W/ Dominic Lash Performing a piece by James Saunders.

16.01.09. Nottingham. W/ Dominic Lash & Matt Milton at the Radiator Festival, Broadway Cinema.
31.01.09. London. W/ Chora supporting Ashtray Navigations at Cafe Oto. (
07.02.09. London. W/ Shale - Helena Gough. Daniel Jones. Matt Milton. Lee Patterson, Matt Davis, Ben Drew. Tim Parkinson & John Lely. Jez riley French. C&H night at Cafe Oto
12.02.09. London. W/ Stephen Cornford and Rob Gawthrop "three piece" - A kinetic sound sculpture for two electric guitars and one electric bass. Elevator Gallery.
15.02.09. Bristol. W/ Jez riley French & Simon Whetam. The Cube Cinema.
20.02.09. London. W/ Chora, Zun Zun Egui, Helhesten, Chris Corsano Mick Flower duo. Bardens Boudoir.
27.02.09. Derby/Birmingham. W/ The Good Anna and Pat Thomas. A Series of Shows and Workshops. Derby Jazz Rhythm a Ning.
28.03.09. London. Opening of the new Sound323 store at Cafe Oto. W/ Matt Milton, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Samantha Rebello: playing a text piece by Jason Brogan. Also playing are: For Barry Ray, Clive Bell and Mark Wastell, John Wall, Benedict Drew, Max Eastley, and Steve Beresford trio, Seymour Wright, Dominic Lash, Paul Abbot, and David Papapostolou quartet.
27.04.09. London. W/ Chora supporting Sonic Youth at the Scala.
21.05.09. Bristol. W/The Exploits of Elaine at the Croft.
13.06.09. Leeds. W/ Jez riley French, also playing will be the trio of Martin Küchen, Seymour Wright, and Keith Rowe. The Unnamed music festival at the Severn Arts Space.
26.06.09. London. W/ Robert Curgenven, The Seen will also play. Joint Confront records | Compost and height show at Cafe Oto.
18.08.09. Nottingham. W/ The Good Anna. Trembling Bells and Ellen Mary McGee will also play. The Chameleon.
16.09.09. London. W/ The Good Anna. Twi the Humble Feather and AU are also playing. Cafe Oto.
28.09.09. Nottingham. W/ A Cup of Tea. Twi the Humble Feather and David Thomas Broughton are also playing. The Maze.
07.11.09. Hull. W/ Sarah Hughes, Jez riley French, Shayla Reynolds. Durational exploration of the spaces & sounds in Holy Trinity Church. Scores by Christian Wolff & Jez riley French. Seeds & bridges event with free entry between 12pm to 4pm. Holy Trinity Church.
28.11.09. Bristol. W/ Loris and extended grouping including Matt Davies and Lea Piontek. Performing scores by Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder, with videos by Joseph Clayton Mills. A Compost and Height night. Cube Cinema.