Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Documentation, in part, of Ben Owen's Geese.



Registering branches of etymology, possibly indicative of honking.

Eight scans (charcoal on paper) depicting a section of the live performance of Ben Owen’s Geese, realised by the Albion Players at the Holywell Music Hall, Oxford, 1st March. As Sarah sat at the piano  Stephen and I walked into the vestibule, where he struck a concrete ring with a mallet and I wrote down what you see above, the crackling charcoal my best attempt at mimicking the trumpet of a goose.

Notes from the programme, as part of the audiograft festival, below.  

Three performers, Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer, and Sarah Hughes, are presented with a graphic score, entitled Geese, by the Brooklyn based artist Ben Owen.

In Keeping with the absence of text based instruction the performers decide to prepare their individual realisations apart. The realisations are let loose into the Holywell Concert Hall; where action and reaction are found only in the senses of the observers. As the audience experience the piece in its totality for the first time, so do the performers.

"The spectator who looks at a painting goes over the same path as the artist, and since the path counts more than the thing itself, the journey is what interests us most." George Braque.

The Albion players will realise sections of George Brecht's Water Yam at the Lost and Found event, Kings Place, London. On July 15th. See HERE for more details.