Friday, 25 May 2012

Loris and David Lacey

Vastly tired and hugely hot as I write this and that's all fine by me me as it's late and the temperature is high, so there we go then no harm done. Here is a little recording made last year of when a wonderful chappy from Dublin named David Lacey and an equally beautiful boyo from Brighton by the name of Daniel Jones came to Oxford for various recordings, books, and ice cream. 

Daniel Jones, Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes with David Lacey. Recorded in August 2011 at Oxford Brookes University by Patrick Farmer. Drawing by Sarah Hughes.

(An aside, but it is with great stomping and tat clapping teeth and barley that I can now trumpet all over the fact that merely an hour ago I was finally able to remember, encountering luck and dogged dog faces, the e mail/password combination for an old and withered blog that had eluded me for over two years by jove. Happy day. It is no more)