Wednesday, 1 June 2011

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First performed 01.10.11 at St Columba's Church, Oxford. Performed by Rhodri Davies (electric harp, objects, radio) & Tim Parkinson (piano, objects, tapes).

From programme notes:

a prose score of extraction subsequent interpretation of the autobiography of alice b toklas by gertrude stein

note #1

i have no wish to lay claim over (as with much of) my work an involvement (ends) with (the) approach as far as this is possible the ideas are not original derived from a pre–written text wholly particular to the syntax of (…) this leads somehow to a wholly particular series of interpretations words and shapes existing in a particular sequence in relation to the particular sequence of words and shapes they are derived from all words and the pages that frame can be taken as statements of function any number of words or pages can be realised in any sequence there is always room for repetition according to how one is disposed at the time events can be simultaneous in creating a possibility of a number of indivisible instants of addition of subtraction of subtraction of addition of any number of internal relations there exists a possibility of a sorting of turning back on itself where what is external and what is internal reside as points in flux any moment disposed of any moment juxtaposed in and absence of presence of presence of absence of absence of absence of presence of structure each and only moment can be absorbed into the following

note #2

a notion of silence prevalent in all works a language of mute being
absent surface experience reflection above as below
presence of silence in a work abundant weight of not seen not heard seen heard the recognition of a mystery
what do we love if not the enigma the enigmatic phillip guston muses
i do not understand this process and that is my understanding am not flailing am approaching quietly with care initiating move or not a constant subtraction and tag of flaubert of foolishness consisting of wanting to meet a conclusion turning back on myself running into music looking at a rock on a bench music looking at everything but itself therein lies the enigma turning itself in accordance to thoughts absence

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