Saturday, 8 October 2011

Diatribes + Durrant, Farmer, Lash, Marshall UK tour

I'm very indeed excited to be part of this wonderful sextet, and it will be the first UK tour I've taken part in for well over a year. 

Cyril Bondi - (drums/percussion)
D'incise - (objects/laptop)
Dominic Lash - (double bass)
Phil Durrant - (laptop/sound manipulation)
Hannah Marshall - (cello)
Patrick Farmer - (acoustic turntable)

29.10.11. London. St Leonards Church.
 30.10.11. Oxford. Port Mahon. 
31.10.11. Bristol. Cube Cinema. 
01.11.11. Birmingham. Lamp Tavern. 
02.11.11. Sheffield. Redhouse. 
03.11.11. Manchester. St Margarets Church. 
04.11.11. Brighton. Green Door Store.