Tuesday, 4 October 2011

consumer waste

Stephen and Samuel have been kind enough to release a new field recording album of mine. 

sat on a small stone as not to become all and total sand
bank of the severn touching other banks
i have slipped from stone
was once
underwater not sat
will be again

are crows in the boughs of oak trees
how many rivers did they see in that moments
the moment when i wrote
can hear many different tones
as if the river were behind
as well 
as front
slowly it reclaims stone

a bed of rushes right
and left
to the left is smaller
but only in size
microphone attached
before i picked this up

marvelling at rough of 
fragile things only here
sounding as water engulfs
swallow them

i barely see a page
remember and stop listening with headphones
why i always stop listening with headphones

two adolescent ducks and the sun shines on this page
moss dancing underwater
sit here until it disappears
do not
listening how we change

propped up on a stone behind i
smaller than the small rushes to my left
my microphone a shrub
yet again can not identify shrub
imprints of feet
for a short time as the sky turns grey
noisy comparison

Consumer Waste