Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Calmé Etendue

On 30.09.11 I realised four hours of Antoine Beuger's Calmé Etendue (percussion) at ChristChurch Meadows, Oxford. My good friend Trevor Simmons worked independently of me. Below I have uploaded a small number of Trevor's paintings from the day, and some notes I made after the realisation. 

In a number of separation, neither negate or aware, the permutations of a partial environment, contained surrounded in and by an abstract environment. A some thing not comprehended, detached almost, all focus on immediacy, all focus on impossibility, contained in instruction, in score, manifest in realisation also contained.

The time of listening, of without exerting influence, posture, sitting for portrait, state of mind ecology of mind, listening affecting listening. Sound made by performer made by anything - pertaining a heightened degree of vitality - if listening can be said to influence the listener, where does listening reside in environment, it is its own environment, what else does such contain?

Listeners self world, myriad realisations of accordance of the senses, such scores are fields, creating events upon performers awareness, performer creating event of the score, everything an event.

Continual reference to Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light, the discovery of a suicide, the priest leaves the auditory security of his vehicle to be met by hyperbole, the hands of the river, swallowing footsteps, swallowing everything and thus everything swallowed becomes vital in its absence, notice all now all does not make a sound. All I hear is every eight seconds.