Sunday, 19 June 2011

No Islands | Droplets

Two new releases on the Another Timbre label as part of the Silence and After series will be available this July.

The first is called Droplets , Dominic Lash, Sarah Hughes, and myself, consisting of an Improvisation and realisations of scores by Eva-Maria Houben and Taylan Sussam.

The second is called No Islands, Stephen Cornford, Kostis Kilymis, Sarah Hughes, and myself, consisting of a realisation of John Cage's Four6 and two improvisations.

These wonderful artists will also be released in the same series:
Tierce. Jez riley French, Daniel Jones, Ivan Palackẏ.
Divisions that may be autonomous but that comprise the whole. Performed by James Saunders, Tim Parkinson, Angharad Davies, Philip Thomas, Rhodri Davies, Stephen Chase, Edges Ensemble.
A Pauper’s Guide to John Cage & Early Morning Melancholia. Anett Németh.

They will be available here: Another Timbre

Photo taken By Richard Pinnell at a performance of John Cage's Music Circus in Kettles Yard, Cambridge as part of the 'Every Day is a Good day' visual art exhibition.