Monday, 20 June 2011

Kettle Blacksmith - Well, we get these rashes.

As is the theme at the moment, this blog post relates to a music released at least a year ago. 

Kettle Blacksmith formed from the Tom and Jerry horror that was Call it a Clunes, I have no idea what to say on the matter. records on Ribs, who were kind enough to put the wee thing up for a net release, had this to say:

This album is certainly the oddest thing we have put out so far. Musically it features improvised jazz drums combined with shouted vocals. But the combination of these is difficult to put into words other than to say that it is hugely eccentric and in the best Pythonesque traditions of British comedy. This is an album best heard rather than described – surreal to the last while blessed with a sometimes magical sense of comic timing.

Please click here to listen