Thursday, 1 July 2010

Prevailingly horizontal

Heisenburg concluded that nature is not absurd, but that, because it is necessary to contrive 'artificial' perception devices in order to know it, we intrude the deficiencies of our perception into these objects and processes that we wish to know about. He writes: "...the observation plays a decisive role in the event, and the reality varies whether we observe it or not. It is very important to realise that our object of study has to be in contact with the other part of the world, namely the experimental arrangement, before, or atleast at, the moment of observation. This influence introduces a new element of uncertainty, and since the device is connected with the rest of the word, it contains, in fact, the uncertainties of the microscopic structure of the whole world..."

To walk and make notes, to make notes, to walk, to forget about remembering the sciences, to forget about the soul, there is no order to such a tension, there is no preference or hierarchy, there is all and nothing, existing through the others existence.