Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The affable Christian Munthe has recently started a new label called *for sake* recordings with a slew of new releases. One of which features myself. The recording in question is a brief and cut short excerpt of a recording Christian made of himself on guitar and myself on snare drum in his living room in Göteborg, the last stop of my short solo tour around Norway and Sweden a few years ago. We played for nearly an hour if I remember correctly, but due to a technical fault only a few short minutes were salvageable. More information about the release can be found below. Thanks Christian!

A compilation of never before released live and home recordings from the period of 2005-2009, featuring Christian Munthe solo and in combinations with Anders Dahl, Nina de Heney, Patrick Farmer, Kelly Jones, Saga Munthe, Pascal Nichols, Henrik Olsson, Alberto Popolla, Christine Sehnaoui, Rachael Wadham & Mariam Wallentin.

*for sake* recordings