Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Severn Way - Y Drenewydd | Y Trallwng

"Is it impious to weigh Goose music and art on the same scales?" - Aldo Leopold.

Losing Swans and Signets with Welsh Cakes. Pondweed at the Locks.
A field full of Rams. A one centimetre long Frog.
Sediment on the surface of the canal emulating a Silver Birch.
Scum on the water interpreting an unseen topography.
Large crops of Moss under the surface of the water.
Roots in the water like Mandrake. Chickens cleaning themselves in ash.
Two pygmy Horses vying for attention as a Llama idly clips the grass.
A completely silly Donkey. Displays of Sheep dominance.
Following a Grouse for some miles.
The trumpets of many a flying Canada Goose, over two hundred.