Thursday, 5 March 2009

Panshangar (in progress)

The overlooked space of Panshangar aerodrome had me searching for vibrations with my hands rather than purely hearing my way through the space. Sensing a perceptive betweeness, moving from there, sitting still, leaning towards the unassuming and attempting to disconnect my thoughts from my senses in order to experience the space in a more encompassing manner. Wherever I locate myself within it I affect the sounds that I hear and create, not literally, but upon moving, my mind moves also, perhaps within a time interval, space in reverse, new ideas clouding old, old ideas not having time to formulate but still influencing the new due to the very fact that they existed in a preceding fashion. If this influential stream is to be correct however, ideas cannot be said to be clouded as they are evidently not separate in their truest form, we see them how we want to see them and how they want us to see them at the same time. The function of the image, as Nikolai Gogol once said, “is to express life itself, not ideas or arguments about life. It does not signify life or symbolise it, but embodies it, expressing its uniqueness.”